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So I started my day riding through Kirkland looking for a UPS store. I in fact found one that looked like it would suit my needs. Every UPS store has different ways of working as far as service offered.

here is an example of great service

But like I was saying. Every UPS works based on their own parameters. First of all what is the same between all of them:

1. They all make you buy a box for a 3 month minimum. That means they will charge you their price x 3 months

2. Make you show two forms of ID. First will be drivers license and then the second form is sort of id in the air for certain stores.

3. Each one gives you a key to a designated mailbox…. which is a given

Differences between them –

1. Prices can arrange from $20 a month per small box, up to $35. Not to mention start up costs ($10)

2. The second form of ID can be a hassle. Some states are very strict as to what you can and can’t accept, others not so much. A good rule of thumb is to have a car title, those are generally accepted. I also have used health insurance cards.

3. Shipping costs – Can go from $5 to $15 for small packages (my experience)

And there is other stuff I could tell you about but it is boring.

None the less if you travel a lot and receive letters the old fashion way, it is something to good to know, but you will learn regardless.

That’s really all I got to say about that (Forrest Gump voice)

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